Diabetes School

 • The Importance of Diabetes Education
Successful treatment of chronic diseases such as diabetes is ensured by the active participation of the person with diabetes in the treatment process in collaboration with the health care team. The individual with diabetes should provide the intellectual, behavioral, emotional, psychosocial and concrete resources he / she needs to be able to make informed care decisions and sustain them, and effectively control his or her disease. This can only be achieved by self-care support from health professionals, in other words, by diabetes education. Self-care support is most effective when combined with appropriate care to be given by all health professionals.
Diabetes education enables people with diabetes to have a thorough understanding of how diabetes and the effects of diabetes on their lives and how they change their behavior. However, a one-time training initiative does not provide sufficient knowledge and skills to follow-up diabetes throughout life. Continuity of training and knowledge need to be updated. 
Every health worker offering diabetes education is a diabetes educator. Your diabetes educator can be a nurse, a dietician or a pharmacist. For successful diabetes care, cooperation between the patient, the patient's family and the health care team is essential.

• Diabetes School for Good Life with Diabetes
A 2-day special training program called ur Diabetes School Güzel takes place in Şanlıurfa Education and Research Hospital. The Diabetes Education Program covers the following topics: 
      1-What is diabetes? Life with 
      Diabetes 2- Diabetic , Diabetes, Diabetes, 
      Diabetes and Nutrition Recommendations 
      4 - Diabetes and Nutrition Recommendations   4 - The Importance of Exercise in 
      Diabetes 5- Do You Use Diabetes Medicines Properly? 
      6- The Importance of Foot Health in Diabetes 
      7-Follow-up of Blood Sugar and Emergency Interventions at Home 
      8- Methods of Coping with Stress in 
      Diabetes 9- Diabetes in Pregnancy