Our hospital, which was opened in 1973 with 125 bed capacity, served under the name of the State Hospital until 28.02.1984. From 28.02.1984 to 08.02.2004, it continued to serve as the Maternity and Child Care Center. In parallel with the increasing population in our city, our current building was moved to the former state hospital building as the Pediatric Hospital in July 2004, while it was continuing as the Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital. Both hospitals continued to serve as a branch hospital. In parallel with the increasing birth rate, the existing bed capacities of our two hospitals were insufficient to meet the demands and they were brought together in our Sanliurfa Training and Research Hospital in 01.08.2016.

 Our hospital consists of 15 blocks established on a total area of 101103 m². There are 18504 m² of living areas in our hospital, which has a closed area of 18.0004 m². It has a large garden with an area of 8,605 m². We provide the opportunity. There is a heliport in our hospital to be used in any situation requiring emergency and patient referral. 

In our hospital, which has the vision of increasing the professional knowledge and skills in the light of scientific developments, we have a large conference hall with 180 people for the organization of seminars and meetings, as well as a training hall for 80 people to be used in in-service trainings.

In order to meet our patients as a guest and receive more comfortable care and to get their health as soon as possible, all the furnishing of our hospital as much as possible, ergonomic and latest technological devices are used. Within this scope, security, food, cleaning and information processing services are provided by our hospital. 

The central system for heating-cooling is used throughout the hospital. Periodic maintenance of these systems is carried out by our hospital. 

There are a total of 400 patients in our hospital, each room has a bathroom, WC and TV. There is a patient panel at the beginning of each bed, these panels have central oxygen and gas system.

In order to provide quality and clean operating room services, we have 18 operating rooms, 2 of which are emergency. Pre-op and post-op rooms and pre-op and post-operative patient follow-ups are performed in the central operating room. It is a modern complex where all kinds of operations can be performed in our operating room with central sterilization unit. Our operating room is open 24 hours. 

Emergency service is provided to our patients from provinces, districts and neighboring countries. 24 hours in our clinic, including obstetrics, gynecology, children and adults, specialized physicians in the field. 

In line with the opinions and suggestions received from our patients by social workers and psychologists working in our patients' rights unit, we offer continuous innovative and changeable services.

We continue to provide quality service with our trained staff, with an understanding of the satisfaction of our patients and employees. 

In our hospital, an online appointment can be made by phone and online laboratory results are given. X-rays, CT, MRI in the imaging unit are digitally captured, stored and viewed from all computers thanks to the PACS system. 

In the scope of Home Health Services, our patients who are in need of home care are examined by our health personnel, wound care and minor surgical procedures are performed if necessary, and necessary procedures are carried out for their investigations and treatments. it is performed.