Health Council


  • The patient can be done by the legal representative or first degree relatives, and the applications and requests of the other persons will not be accepted.
  • It is mandatory for the patient to be present at the stage of the application or the delegation, otherwise the transaction cannot be made.



  • Full Board (General) Health Board Report
  • ID card with ID ID
  • Application petition (to be obtained from the health board)
  • Full Board (Disabled) Health Board Report
  • A copy of the ID with a Turkish ID number
  • For the law number 2022 (official letter from social assistance and solidarity foundation)
  • For tax deduction number 193 (official letter from revenue administration)
  • The custodian fee will be filled in the petition in the medical board unit for reports that informs of the status of the reduction of the ewe.
  • A copy of the report of the health board of the disabled if taken before


  • The examination is carried out every weekday.
  • The delegation starts every day at 13:00. 
  • Patients are required to complete their examinations before the delegation.
  • As of 13:00 on the weekday, the delegation with the appointment is not taken any more than the delegation. 
    (For example: as original or applications are not accepted.)
  • Please inform all your questions about your requests or requests for help to our health board.
  • Do not seek help from anyone in the hospital or outside the hospital.