The Emergency Service Unit is a unit that provides emergency medical services to the hospital in a timely and complete manner.    

In our unit, there are 23 children observation rooms with 46 beds, adult observation area with 12 beds and an observation area with 11 beds. There are 10 outpatient rooms, 8 bed yellow area examination room, 3 bed red area resuscitation room, 1 trauma room, surgery room, 2 injection rooms, tomography, 2 x-ray rooms, 2 ultrasonography rooms and staff rooms. 

Our Emergency Service is provided by emergency medicine specialist, general practitioner, nurse, health officer, emergency medicine technician, data processing personnel, security officer and cleaning staff.

All the support departments, such as laboratory, x-ray, tomography, MRI, which provide efficient operation of the unit, are working 24 hours, and each unit is in our hospital to serve with its experienced and skilled medical staff. 

The patients who apply to our emergency departments are ranked according to the importance of their status by the health personnel and the physicians take medical action according to this order.

Emergency Services

  1. Child Emergency
  2. Women Maternity Emergency
  3. Adult Emergency

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