Pregnant School

In Pregnancy School ün was opened in order to educate and raise the awareness of mother candidates within our hospital. Each week, we are trained by qualified people in our birth preparation course.

Pregnancy is a period of physical and psychological changes. The concerns of the pregnant women about her and her baby lead to an anxious and distressed period of delivery and postpartum period. Birth is one of the most important experiences of a woman. Prenatal training is very important in order for the pregnant woman to participate actively in labor, have a healthy baby and spend the birth process comfortably. The trainings made during the pregnancy prepare the mother for birth and include the family in the physical and psychological birth process. With this awareness, uygun pregnancy trainings ve which are continuing in our hospital have been made more professional and necessary arrangements have been made and training materials have been provided for the education of pregnant women. Every Wednesday of the week 10: 00-12: A program lasting 4 weeks between 00 continues. We believe that pregnant women who receive birth preparation training get shorter birth time, decrease cesarean rates, decrease in need for painkillers and other drugs and positive birth memories are gained.

Pregnancy in our Pregnancy School, preparation for birth, including the period of puerperal education is given. Pregnancy in pregnancy for a healthy pregnancy, nutrition problems in pregnancy, and solutions to the problems, the anatomy of the reproductive organs, normal birth, baby development and care, signs of danger in pregnancy, etc. training is given. Pilates, breathing and relaxation exercises are applied every week.

With the help of group trainings, it is aimed to increase the interactions with other pregnant women and to have more positive, happy and healthy pregnancies.

Through these trainings, it is believed that the birth is a natural and healthy action, and it is believed that by relying on the body and the baby, the excitement of the moment of birth, the satisfaction and the happiness of the moment of convergence with the baby.  

Every week on Wednesday between 10: 00-12: 00, we expect all pregnant women to our school.